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New Uses Discovered

We recently discovered a new use for Shiny Hiney™.  Meet 'Tater'! 

Tater's owner, Alicia M, contacted us with this message... Tater2Crop

"Do you know if Shiny Hiney™ is safe for puppies/dogs? I have a paralyzed bulldog that gets a build-up of poo on his hiney and am looking for a product to use long term."

We advised Alicia to head to a local retailer that carries Shiny Hiney™.  She did and is now using it to help make Tater more comfortable.

"I got some there today. I’m glad it’s safe for dogs. It smells good."

Our primary goal for our product is to help with foal heat diarrhea.  But, our product is made from natural ingredients that are safe for any animal.

There's a good dog!  We're happy when you're happy, Tater and Alicia! 

Since this discovery, we've found that our product also aids in helping dogs in heat.  So, Equine Breeders Supply, the parent company of Shiny Hiney Introduces Doggie Derriere™, for the treatment of dirty doggie bottoms. Order some today! Just click the order form link on the left.DoggieDerriereBottles


  • For Dirty Doggie Bottoms
  • Eliminates Bathing
  • Works on female estrus discharge
  • Dogs in Diapers for easier clean up between changes
  • Protective barrier against urine burns and diaper rash
  • Diarrhea and fecal cleanup issues

Check out these testimonials from happy dog owners!!

Kristina writes, 

KristinasDogMy testimony is genuine. Before I used Doggie Derriere keeping Sasha's backside clean was a horrible challenge. Sasha didn't want me in her business, so I procrastinated, and then it got worse! When I received your product I sprayed it on without brushing her bum out. The "clingons" that were already there fell off, and her white butt looked clean and smelled baby powder fresh!! I have been sharing this with friends and coworkers. I love Doggie Derriere and will use it as long as I have dogs!! Thanks for this wonderful product! Kristina and Sasha





From Georgia,   

I originally got some Doggie Derriere for my Newfie in heat. She is white-tailed and makes a huge mess. At the first sight of heat, I spray her bottom and tail area. I can'tGeorgiasDogs believe it! It was like magic! This product is amazing and makes for a no-mess dog. Shortly after using this in heat cycle, my big dog needed emergency surgery. She had a tube for drainage. ( super gross ) I sprayed Doggie Derriere to clean and protect from scalding. No bathing clean-up at all!!! I can't believe how amazing this product is.

This brings me to my little dog who always has weepy, dirty eyes. I put a little on my finger and carefully wiped it under her eyes. Combed it through, and crusty eyes are not a problem now! I'm finding many uses for this ALL NATURAL product on my dogs. Did I mention the smell??? HOLY WOW!! Fresh and natural BABY POWDER. I am over the moon about this product... saved me many headaches of trying to wash my almost 200 lb dog.  Love Doggie Derriere! Georgia
(Do Not spray around eyes. Apply by hand to weepy face area. Avoid getting into eyes.)


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