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Product Overview - Product Description

Shiny Hiney™ is an innovative, low-cost niche hygiene/grooming product for horses (particularly foals) with diarrhea.  As the name eloquently explains, Shiny Hiney™ when applied to the hind end of a foal that experiences diarrhea (up to 80% of normal foals experience some degree of diarrhea in the first 30 days of life) the product dissolves, allows for the natural removal of dried fecal material and prevents the loss of hair to exposed areas, a chain of events in foals analogous to diaper rash.  Traditionally, foals experiencing diarrhea require daily cleansing with soap to loosen and dissolve build up in the hairs, then separate application of a lubricant to prevent the subsequent build-up of fecal material.  If not addressed properly, the fecal material can lead to marked discomfort, scalding, and subsequent hair loss.

Product Use

Shiny Hiney™ is a suspension applied by squirting to the hind end twice daily.  Ideally, the product should be applied prior to the onset of diarrhea (observation of loose stools).  An application is quick, innocuous, and requires virtually no labor and with no mess or clean up.  Fecal material does not adhere to the animal and runs off with the area where applied to have a shiny appearance (due to the natural oils in the product).

Before After Application
SH Before application on foal SH after application on foal


Shiny Hiney™ currently available in 1-Gallon jugs, 32 oz bottles, 16oz bottles, and 4oz sample bottles. Order some today! Just click the order form link on the right.

Market Analysis

With the high percentage of foals experiencing diarrhea, virtually every foal has a use for the product.  Shiny Hiney™ potentially should be a component of the traditional “foaling kit” along with the naval dip, thermometer, and enema.  Additionally, horses of all ages experiencing diarrhea can make use of the product making all horse owners and veterinary hospitals logical markets. 

Recent Publications

Blood-Horse magazine recently published an extensive overview of the dangers of 'Diarrhea in Young Foals' that mentions our product as one of the only commercial products available to treat the symptoms of this condition.  Follow the previous link for in-depth information.


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