This product has been a lifesaver for my older draft horse who suffers from seasonal diarrhea. My vet and I try to prevent it with digestive supplements, but when it breaks through, Shiny Hiney has us covered!  

Jennifer W

Love my Shiny Hiney! Couldn’t make it through foaling season without it!

Susan Mc L

I love Shiny Hiney! I use the shit out of it.

Dawn L - Manager Lost Creek Farm, Kentucky

It's magic in a bottle! 

Marilyn F - Owner Stockdale Ranch & Three Creeks

I loved shiny hiney. For foals butts when I worked with foaling. It works....👍  Keri H

Do you know if shiny Hiney is safe for puppies/dogs? I have a paralyzed bulldog that gets a build up of poo on his hiney and am looking for a product to use long term. I got some there today. I’m glad it’s safe for dogs. It smells good.  Alicia M

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